Depending on where you’re located in the greater Vancouver area, temperatures rose to above 30 degrees Celsius on Saturday. I have a room temperature thermometer and it hit a high of 28 degrees in my apartment. It made a for a very uncomfortable evening as I attempted to get some sleep. It didn’t help that I probably went to bed slightly dehydrated as well. My body refuses to enter sleep when it needs water.

I tossed and turned for hours on end, without entering any semblance of sleep. I finally gave up and starting looking at my phone, drinking water, peeing, and eating snacks. I think I may have received a grand total of two hours of sleep (not continuously) before I had to get up for a lunch appointment with a friend. I spent the first hour of the day feeling completely out of it, like I was viewing the events of my own life, through someone else’s eyes.

Surprisingly, I did not require a nap this afternoon as I probably was just running on adrenaline all day. It’s after midnight and I am definitely now feeling the effects. Unfortunately, it’s still 27 degrees in my bedroom, so another stuffy night awaits me. I am going to take half a sleeping pill to assist in the matter.

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