After years of people bugging me to get a fan for my apartment, I relented this week and purchased one. As I wrote earlier, it was really hot this weekend, so much so that it affected the quality of my sleep. As such, it finally dawned on me that it wouldn’t hurt to get a fan.

In previous years, my reasoning for not getting a fan was that Vancouver summers are short and mild. We’re lucky if we get two weeks worth of summer weather where it’s hot enough to complain. Why buy something that gets barely used for two weeks out of a whole year?

I guess I realized buying a fan isn’t going to break the bank. Fan technology has come a long way since I was kid. It used to be that fans were circular in shape with those iconic blades that did all the work. Now you can buy a Dyson with crazy new technology and no spinning blades. Of course, I didn’t want to drop $500 for a fan when I could buy an air-conditioner for the same price.

Instead, I opted for a tower fan, a modern design that takes up less space. The particular model I purchased has eight different speeds, oscillates, and even comes with a remote. I admit it got a bit hot this evening and using the fan tonight did help me cool off a bit.

Looking ahead, some people have been saying I should get a dining room table. Perhaps that will be next.

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