I’ve alluded to this in other posts but I’ve been temporarily loaned out to another team within the company as they strive to ship their game in time for the end of the summer or beginning of the fall. This team is in a studio that’s in the eastern time zone, three hours ahead.

They’ve been really nice about scheduling virtual meetings for us Vancouver folk, as the earliest meeting that I’ve had to attend was at 10:30am I believe. Unfortunately, someone included me in a meeting that starts at 7:30am PDT tomorrow morning. Ironically, the purpose of the meeting is to learn about a system from one of our engineers who flew to the east coast from our Vancouver studio. This dude works in the same building as I do! It seems silly that I have to wake up early to call into a meeting so I can listen to him talk thousands of miles away. The system in question doesn’t even seem like something I need to know about.

I thought about just sleeping through the meeting. I think as a compromise though, I will connect to the meeting while I’m in bed, listen for a few minutes, and then quietly disconnect and go back to bed. No one can say I didn’t show up then.

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