Some friends of mine are visiting from out of town and they have their three year-old son with them. It’s the first time I’ve met said child. We planned on meeting up on Sunday afternoon. At first I naively suggested we get lunch but the parents said that their son would probably not be able to sit very still throughout a regular, adult lunch.

I don’t possess any children so I didn’t have many other alternatives to suggest but I did come up with the idea of going to Science World. That place is super kid-friendly and their little boy had a very enjoyable time there.

It had been many years since my last visit to Science World and I had forgotten how many small children visit that place on the weekends. It was full of younger kids. I became very aware that I probably shouldn’t touch anything. Many of the parents I know have told me that becoming a parent of small children means you’ll get sick more often. Little kids love touching things and then touching their own faces, which is great way to get sick. Then they’ll bring home those germs and viruses and infect their parents.

So this afternoon I was in a facility full of little children, some of them possibly ill, with hands-on exhibits all around me. I did my best not to touch stuff, which is a shame since they were a lot of interesting displays that encouraged touching (somewhat like some gentlemen’s clubs).

I washed my hands at least once while I was there and I washed them again when I returned home. I hope that was enough to stave off any germs that might have been there.

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