On the particular floor that I work on there are two teams. One is the PopCap team that I’m part of. Across from us is another team, which I can say very little about. What I can divulge is that they are working on a Star Wars game. As you can imagine, the subject of that game has attracted a bit of attention within the studio as there are a lot of Star Wars fans. Many of us decided to embark on entertainment-related careers because of that galaxy located far, far away.

The other interesting thing is that team needed to ramp up staffing and is still looking for people to fill roles. In the past several weeks, two people on my team made the necessary arrangements to jump over to the Star Wars team. The lure of that intellectual property was too much to resist. In many cases, working on a Star Wars game remains a childhood dream. Who could blame these people for chasing their dreams?

Now if you’re wondering if I would want to work on a Star Wars game, you definitely know the answer if you just even casually know me. The answer though doesn’t matter, at least for now. I’m currently loaned out to an external team and once I get back to my real team, I’m needed there. Of course, it never hurts to asks but the timing has to be right. We’ll have to see.

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