On Saturday morning, I was perusing the vast realms of information on the Internet, while in bed on my phone. I had woken up too early and I wanted to get back to sleep again but I decided to check out the state of the world.

On Facebook, I saw that a friend of mine had been tagged in some photos at a conference. I was looking through the album and it should be noted that my friend didn’t make the album. Some other person had taken the photos and just tagged my friend. At this point, I got sleepy again, and phone still in hand, I fell asleep. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I must have made contact with the screen at least twice before it turned off. One of the touches brought up the photo album’s owner’s Facebook profile. Keep in mind, I don’t know this person. A subsequent touch must have clicked on “Add Friend”.

I later woke up and started on my day, going about my business. I then received an e-mail from Facebook saying that “so and so” had accepted my friend request. I was puzzled at who that was and when I had last sent a friend request. It then clued in on me that this person was the photo album owner. I like to keep my friends list pretty tight and relevant so I was wondering what to do. First, I could just unfriend this person without any fanfare. It would be easy but they’d probably wonder why I sent the request in the first place. Second, I could send them a simple message explaining the situation and then unfriend afterwards. Third, I could just do nothing and just hide all their posts from my timeline.

I’m leaning towards option three since it requires the least amount of work and avoids any awkwardness.

2 thoughts on “ACCIDENTAL FRIEND”

  1. Jerry is afraid to unfriend a stranger on Facebook, in fear of insulting the stranger, whom he has never met before.

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