I wish it happened more often but occasionally I get to see really cool stuff well before the public does. Last week was one of those times when I had the pleasure to see a work in progress cut of the first trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II. EA has just announced the trailer will be presented at this year’s Star Wars Celebration, which is being held in mid-April.

Because both EA and Disney would hunt me down if I revealed anything substantial about what I saw, I cannot go into a lot of detail. I will say that I was really impressed with what DICE and other teams have added and refined in this sequel. Since the first game came out, gamers have consistently asked for several things to be added and changed in the next game. Again, without going into detail, I feel their pleas have been answered.

The video gaming public is notoriously fickle though, so I know we can’t please 100% of the people. I do sincerely hope, however, the majority of the people who see the trailer will be quite happy.

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