A year ago I was getting ready to attend the wrap party for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. A few days after the party, I hopped on a plane and was on my way to Hawaii. That began a wonderful series of vacations, in addition to Hawaii that included San Diego, jolly old London, and Los Angeles. Those were some incredibly fun months where I didn’t have to work and my biggest daily concern was what to eat for dinner.

Fast-forward to the present and I’ve already stayed up way too late tonight and I know I’ll wake up feeling tired tomorrow morning. I’ll then have to drag my sorry ass to work. It’s a good thing the weekend is right around the corner. Did I mention a year ago, every day was a weekend?


I wish it happened more often but occasionally I get to see really cool stuff well before the public does. Last week was one of those times when I had the pleasure to see a work in progress cut of the first trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II. EA has just announced the trailer will be presented at this year’s Star Wars Celebration, which is being held in mid-April.

Because both EA and Disney would hunt me down if I revealed anything substantial about what I saw, I cannot go into a lot of detail. I will say that I was really impressed with what DICE and other teams have added and refined in this sequel. Since the first game came out, gamers have consistently asked for several things to be added and changed in the next game. Again, without going into detail, I feel their pleas have been answered.

The video gaming public is notoriously fickle though, so I know we can’t please 100% of the people. I do sincerely hope, however, the majority of the people who see the trailer will be quite happy.


So as you can see in this tweet a few of the Vancouver Canucks dropped by about two weeks ago to visit the studio in Burnaby. I see a lot of visitors to the studio but I have no clue where I was that day when the Canucks dropped by. I totally missed them. Not that I was going to be an idiot and run up to them and ask them for their autographs or anything. As employees, we’re supposed to be totally chill around all our visitors, no matter how famous they may be. It just would have been pleasant to catch a glimpse of them as they were touring the studio.


I sleep in a comfortable shirt and PJ bottoms, it’s a setup that just feels right, year-round. Like most humans, I change clothes before I head off to work. On Friday, I thought I succeeded in doing that as left my home. I was wearing a dress shirt, an undershirt under that, and jeans. When I got to work, I noticed one of the buttons of my dress shirt was undone. I was absentmindedly trying to button it back up while looking at my morning e-mails. I then felt something odd with my undershirt. Why did my supposedly plain white undershirt feel like it had something silkscreened on it? I looked down and I realized I had not changed out of my sleep shirt, which has the face of some dude on the front as a graphic.

Perhaps it was fatigue or maybe I was just in a rush but I just slapped on my dress shirt and was on my way out the door. Now it doesn’t seem like a big deal, as my sleep shirt is white, just like my undershirts but it is bigger. It was big enough to be poking out from underneath my dress shirt. It also felt too loose on me, as if I wasn’t wearing anything underneath at all. It was a bit of an odd feeling.

I will admit that I was pretty pleased to get home, not just because it was the start of the weekend, but because I could be wearing my sleep shirt in the right environment again.


I sorta started the week off on the wrong foot by going to bed way too late on Sunday night. I woke up the next morning feeling tired, then promised myself I’d go to bed earlier that night. I didn’t of course but then kept making the same promise the next evening and so on. It’s now well beyond midnight in the early hours of Friday and I will wake up tomorrow feeling tired. A great week of battling fatigue. I swear I’ll go to bed earlier this Sunday night.


I weighed myself last evening and I came in at 164 pounds which puts me dangerously close to my own personal “fat” category. My diet is probably the culprit here as I’ve been hitting the cookies pretty hard the last two weeks. I gotta stay off the cookies! Maybe I’ll go back to potato chips as a snack food. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.


Well, I managed to watch all thirteen episodes of The Iron First on the weekend. I’ll dispense with a long review but I will say that it’s slightly better than Luke Cage but it features the first Netflix Marvel hero that I didn’t wind up caring for. I found myself more emotionally invested in some of the secondary characters than the Fist-man himself.

With that series out of the way and my TV in a now watchable state, it’s time for me to clear the backlog of TV shows that I have accumulated since before the start of last summer. This is a first-world problem for sure but I have so many series to either start or get back up to speed. I may actually have to cut down on my video gaming to get through all of this in a reasonable amount of time. If you can believe it, I’ve downloaded the episode but still haven’t found the time to figure out “who shot JR“.