As I wrote in my previous post, a drywall repair guy came today to apply the second coat of compound on the repaired holes. It went really quickly and the second coat smoothed out a lot of the rough patches from the first coat. When the guy was done, I was so relieved this stupid home reno project was finally over. I wanted to vacuum up all the dust and debris and set everything back up but I had to get to work, so I left everything.

When I got home this evening I was so excited to get everything back to normal. I got my vacuum and cleaned up around the work area. There was a lot of drywall dust. The last thing I wanted to do before moving back my furniture was to put on the cover plate onto the electrical outlet that had been moved. I grabbed the plate and as I went to place it over the outlet, I immediately saw a problem. Above and below the plate was a gap of about a quarter inch to the drywall. It was really noticeable with the cover plate in place. It wasn’t something I could just overlook. I didn’t notice it before because the gap was small enough not to jump out at me without the plate on. I let out a long, long sigh and cursed. Was it a mistake to do this home reno in the first place?

I took some pictures and wrote an e-mail to the contractor explaining what his drywall guy had done or I guess neglected to fix. I told him they needed to come back and correct this. Maybe if I was a little more of a handyman I probably could fix this on my own but you know what? Why am I paying this contractor money if I’m doing some of the repairs myself? I’m super frustrated and it’s not like this whole thing had gone smoothly before either. I don’t know how the contractor will respond but he better send someone back.

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