If you’re like me, you’re extremely concerned by the absolute lunacy coming from the Trump regime down south. Normally, the instability of one country doesn’t affect other nations too much but when that country is the United States of America, it affects the world. That’s why when things go bad for the US, we all feel the effects as well.

The new regime has already started or signaled its intention to begin attacks on numerous fronts, including the media, women’s reproductive rights, healthcare, and the plight of refugees. As a spectator, watching from afar, you might seem powerless but a friend of mine has started giving money to causes he believes can fight the Trump regime.

He’s already donated to the ACLU, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and also paid for a subscription to the New York Times. I also reminded him that other worthy organizations include Planned Parenthood, the Washington Post, and the International Rescue Committee.

It may seem odd that as Canadians, we’d be donating to causes and organizations that mainly operate in the US but as I mentioned before, the world benefits when the US is at its best and it is far from that right now. So, the reasons are somewhat selfish. If you feel the need to balance out your charity dollars with a donation to a corresponding Canadian organization, that’s even better. As an example, there’s Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights and our local food bank.

I recognize that everyone’s beliefs are different and you may balk at even donating a cent to any one of these organizations. That’s fine and I respect that. If you are, however, a person that shares my concerns about what is happening, consider what you can do to help. I think I might start off my Tuesday morning by donating a few dollars to Planned Parenthood and subscribing to the Washington Post.

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  1. As someone who works at a charitable organization fighting climate change, I’ll do some shameless self promotion (a necessary task working for a non-profit)

    If you prefer your advocacy with more of an activist bent I suggest Oil Change International these are the folks who gave us

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