I have this annoying habit these days of waking up about an hour before my alarm is supposed to go off. I try to go back to sleep but I’m usually not successful. I close my eyes but I don’t enter into a state of what you would call sleep.

Today was different however. I was in a deep, deep sleep when I was blasted back into consciousness by the sound of my ringtone on my phone. Jolted awake, I grabbed my phone to see it was five minutes before my alarm was about to go off. The person calling was my house contractor. I surmised he was calling to schedule the last bit of work on that fireplace removal gone wrong. I answered the call and I was right, he was calling to see if his crew could come tomorrow morning to finish up the job. With what must have been a groggy voice I told him that would be fine. After he hung up, I put my head back on my pillow. Why was I in such a deep sleep this late?

Five minutes later, I turned off my alarm, dragged myself out of bed, and began getting ready to get to work. I didn’t feel all that great on the commute in. It wasn’t until I actually got to my desk that I felt how bad the day was going to go. I felt exhausted and it was just after 10am.

Despite drinking copious amounts of green tea throughout the morning, it took two shots of espresso at 2pm for me to feel somewhat normal. It was only after that I got some work done. This particular Monday was not very enjoyable.

2 thoughts on “CASE OF THE MONDAYS”

  1. We recently got a child’s alarm clock for Riley. He had the habit in the summer of waking up at sunrise (as early as 5 am) and demanding to start the day. There is nothing quite like being woken from a sound sleep at 5 am by a three-year-old yelling “Daddy! Daddy! Wakey! Sunny!” right next to your ear. The clock doesn’t make noise but it has a screen that turns from blue to yellow and a picture of a sun replaces a picture of a moon. It gets him into the routine and he now knows not to leave bed until the “clock sun” comes up. I now get to sleep in until the late hour of 6:30 am on Saturday and Sunday.

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