Some dude showed up on Tuesday to repair the drywall in my living room where my fireplace used to be. If you’ve been following this stupid saga you know that I had to endure some shady electrical work but now that’s behind us.

The gentleman who did the drywall repairs was very nice. He fixed all the holes in the wall and applied the drywall mud. When he was done though, he insisted that a second coat be done which is pretty standard I guess. The first coat needs to time to dry so he said he’d be back in 48 hours or tomorrow morning if you’re scoring at home.

Once the second coat has been applied, the project will be over. Finally. Yes, I know that the wall needs to be re-painted but I don’t care. I can worry about that later. My living room has been in disarray for nearly two months now. I have a TV stand that I bought and assembled from Ikea that’s just waiting to be used. I just want to enjoy watching my TV at eye level when I’m sitting on my couch. I have a ton of PS4 games I want to start playing. An unpainted wall isn’t going to stop me from that.

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