In December, the Vancouver area got hit by weeks of terrible wintery weather. There was lots of snow, ice, and freezing cold temperatures. It was very unlike a Vancouver winter. The accumulated snow and sheets of ice on the sidewalks necessitated that I wear my hiking shoes to work. Each day I wondered if I could wear something else but all the snow and ice remained, so it had to be the hiking shoes. I tell ya, it gets boring wearing the same pair of shoes for weeks on end.

For the last three weeks or so the weather has returned to normal. The temperatures are in the double digits. Any precipitation now falls in the form of rain and not snow. As such, most of the snow has melted and what used to be deadly sheet of sidewalk ice are now just wet patches. To celebrate, I wore a pair of canvas sneakers to work today. I didn’t slip nor did my shoes get wet. It was so odd not to have to wear that pair of hiking shoes to work.

I hope it doesn’t snow for the rest of this winter.

3 thoughts on “MILESTONE”

  1. I don’t even consider myself a “shoe” guy but I don’t know how people can wear the same pair of shoes everyday for months on end.

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