Despite it being now Wednesday, I’ve yet to return to work from the holiday break. For the second straight day, I stayed at home, doing as much work as I can remotely. I actually fixed a bug today. Admittedly, the bug itself was already fixed but I was the one that confirmed that everything was working fine. The needle of progress moving a millimeter forward is still progress.

Around 2pm I ate a salad for lunch, which I was quite proud of. At 3:30pm I started feeling really tired and I decided to nap. I thought I’d maybe wake up in time to make some dinner but once I put my head down on my pillow I was asleep until 5:30pm when an IM awoke me. It was all dark and I closed my eyes once more. The next time I opened them it was 8pm. Wow, I must have been exhausted.

I really don’t know if I’ll feel good enough to go back to work tomorrow. Now my back is all stiff from something. Ugh.

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