In a previous post, I wrote about how the cafeteria renovation at my workplace was taking too long and completely missed the initial estimates for re-opening. In that post, I dismissed their third attempt at guessing when they’d re-open and I offered my own estimate. I said the renovation would be done in January and the cafeteria would be back in business then. It turns out I was right.

Tomorrow the cafeteria re-opens again in full capacity for revenue service, breakfast all the way to dinner. After shutting down in May of 2016 and initially saying it would re-open at the end of the summer of 2016, it will finally be ready after months of lengthy delays.

The company says it tries to be transparent whenever possible but I’ve found the details of this particular project to be shrouded in mystery. Very little information was communicated to employees during the renovation. A blog which was supposed to track the details of the renovation went months without updates. The only info we got about the delays was that the project was thrown some “curveballs”. What that really meant in actual relevant details is unknown to me.

Keep in mind, I realize that not having a cafeteria at work for eight months isn’t the end of the world but not knowing why such a large scale project got so far behind is odd, especially since the project affects nearly every single person at the studio. The other thing is that every single studio under EA is responsible for spending their money responsibly. If the renovation went way over budget, which I can’t say if it did, then will our bonuses be less because our studio wasn’t fiscally responsible?

So while food will once again be served onto our plastic trays, I feel like a lot of details are still missing and someone wants to sweep them under the proverbial rug.

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