Sometime in the last few days I’ve had this re-occurring and vague sense that I forgot to go to a math class all semester. This is of course a ridiculous thing to worry about as I’m not currently a student at all. It all stems from a dream I keep having. I written about this before but I think it’s interesting to note that of all the dreams one might have, this is the one that always comes back.

In my dream, I’m a student and I’ve signed up for several classes for a semester. We come to the end of the term and I realize that I’ve either purposely never attended a single math class or forgot to drop that class. Since I’ve not done any work nor have I written any of the tests, I’m in a position to basically fail that class. The weird thing is, the dream never seems to get any further than that. I never get to see if my transcript actually shows a fail or if I can convince the school to just not record a mark at all.

I’m sure there’s a deeper meaning behind why this dreams always repeats itself and why I never see the consequence or outcome of missing that class. Oh well.

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