Technically I’m supposed to work one more day tomorrow and then I’m on break until the 3rd of January. The studio has been pretty empty all week however. Just today, my manager left before noon and said he was starting his holidays immediately. I have no pressing tasks at work, no deadlines to meet. Usually we have refreshments, snacks, and some alcohol on Fridays but that’s been cancelled. Food services is closing at 2pm, so you can’t even get a coffee or a snack after that. There’s a lot of reasons to either leave early tomorrow or not even show up.

As such, I’m probably not going to bother going to work tomorrow. I might work from home for a few hours but even that might be stretching it in terms of productivity. It’s actually been quite treacherous trying to get to work since last Sunday. Many of the sidewalks leading to the studio have not been plowed or shoveled, leading to snow being piled on nearly a foot deep. It’s an uneven and icy mess.

I am looking forward to this break.

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