I have complained about the stupid fake fireplace in my apartment for probably six years now. I hate that thing. I hate craning my neck to watch my TV and I especially hate it when I try to play video games in the living room. For years I’ve complained about it but laziness and general inertia prevented me from getting off my ass and doing something about it. Well, today that changed. I was in the company library this afternoon, looking to take out a PS4 game to test drive my new PS4 Pro console. Part of me really wanted to see how great PS4 games played on the new and more powerful console but another part of me dreaded having to contort myself to look at the TV. I had just spent a few hundred dollars on this new toy and I didn’t want to use it because of that damn fireplace.

This week I will be contacting at least two contractors to get a quote on removing that pain in my ass. It won’t be a simple job. The fireplace is attached to the wall, so it’s most likely going to leave a huge hole in the dry wall. The power outlet and the network connections are also six feet off the ground, so those also need to moved down which means electrical and wiring work is also required. They also installed the carpet around the fake fireplace, so when it gets removed, I’ll also have a large uncarpeted patch in my living room. The fireplace also contains an electrical insert which is the only heating source in the living room. If I get rid of that, there’s no way to hear the living room. I don’t care though. If someone came in and got rid of the fireplace, moved the outlets down, patched up the drywall and left it unpainted and with that missing patch of carpet I’d be overjoyed. I’ll deal with those issues later.

I am super excited to get this going and spend thousands of dollars on my first home reno project.

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