In the summer, I wrote a post about my indecision on whether to use the console reimbursement credit that my employer offers to all its full-time employees. Essentially, EA offers to pay you back a certain amount if you go and buy a new console. The amount during the summer was $150 but with the fluctuation of currencies, it’s now $140.

At the time, I was hesitant for a few reasons: many console games I can play on my PC, console-exclusive games weren’t a big draw for me this generation, and I was wondering if a new PS4 was coming out. Well since then, the new PlayStation 4 Pro did come out.

My reimbursement expires on December 6, six months after my initial employment start date, so I only have a few weeks left. This weekend, I discovered some additional information. Several retailers, like EB Games and Best Buy are offering a $50 credit towards a purchase of PS4 Pro if you trade in a console. I still have my Xbox 360 and the last time I used it was probably three years ago. So, if I use my reimbursement credit and Xbox 360 trade in credit, we get: $500 – $140 – $50 = $310.

Three hundred and ten dollars for a new PS4 Pro is a pretty good deal considering it just came out. I will aim to purchase a PS4 Pro on the weekend as such. I will admit I probably won’t rush out and buy a dozen new PS4 games but it will be nice to have. My goal is to eventually buy the PSVR system. It’s a bit expensive right now at about $600. I’ll wait for it to go down in price. In the meantime, the PS4 Pro will make a great game console, Netflix machine, and Blu-ray player.

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