If you live in the greater Vancouver area you might have noticed a series of storm and wind warnings that began popping up at the beginning of the week. It warned residents of the area that starting Wednesday, we would be deluged by torrential rains and possibly strong winds. All of this being caused by a series of three storms, the last of which would hit by Saturday.

On Wednesday I was prepared for the worst. I woke up that morning and looked outside. The ground was wet for sure but I wasn’t even sure if it was raining. Nevertheless I brought my umbrella with me on my commute. On the short walk from the bus stop to the studio I didn’t even need my umbrella. It wasn’t even raining. That whole day had a few showers but it was far from the strong storms we were warned about. On my way home the skies were actually clear.

It was the same thing today. I didn’t need my umbrella at all. It was even nice enough outside that I was able to go on a short walk around the studio with a coffee in hand. The weather warnings are still in effect for tomorrow and probably into Saturday but I feel the intensity of the “storm” has not matched what was in the warnings.

Perhaps tomorrow it will rain enough that I will need to open my umbrella for the first time this week.

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