In the summer of 2015, so more than a year ago, the municipality that I live in announced they were selling commemorative bricks that would be installed in a city square just down the block from where I live. People who bought said bricks could get a small amount of text personalized on the brick itself. The bricks cost $200 each but were tax deductible. I bought one of the bricks and had a humourous (to me at least) but acceptable phrase on my brick.

The bricks were scheduled to be completely installed by February 8, 2016 with work actually starting at the beginning of 2016. When January of 2016 rolled around, I saw no work at all being done at the city square. I phoned city hall and was told that due to scheduling problems, the bricks weren’t going to be installed until after the summer of 2016, probably October 2016. Well, the month of October ends this week and I was just at the city square today and there are no bricks.

Two weeks ago, I called the city department that originally took my order for the brick. I called multiple times but each time no one was there to answer the phone. I called during different times of day, all within business hours, yet no answer. I finally left a message, stating my name, purpose of the call, and my contact info. No one has yet returned my call. I also

Just last Monday, I decided to call city hall information line to see if a more general department had any answers. Someone did answer my call but said that they didn’t have any specific information for me but they’d track down someone who would have answers. That person would then get in touch with me. I left my contact info with city hall. The entire week went by and no one has contacted me.

I feel like there’s more to this story than I’ve been told (which is very little) and I believe I’ve been purposely deflected from finding out the truth. I paid $200 for something and I did not get what I expected by paying that money. I’m not getting any answers and I won’t rest until I do. I’m going to chase this up to the highest levels if I need to do. Boy, I sure hope this isn’t one of those things that takes down a mayor. Well, I gotta do what I gotta do.

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