I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon that occurs when a video game studio shuts down or when a studio layoffs a whole bunch of people. Recruiters from recruiting companies swarm towards the employees that are effected. I suppose some of these people genuinely mean well and want to help. Let’s face it though, recruiters get paid when they place people. They don’t do it purely out of the goodness of their heart.

I find that some recruiters though use a shotgun approach without doing any research at all. Since UFG closed on Monday, I’ve received a large uptick of activity on LinkedIn, the social platform for business. I’ve received two messages and several invitations to connect. That may not seem like a lot but I go weeks without any activity normally. I’m guessing this is happening because I have United Front Games in my list of prior positions. The odd thing is, I also have my current position listed, which states I’m gainfully employed at EA. My time at UFG is listed clearly in the past too.

I can only theorize that some of these recruiters just send a ton of messages to anyone who have UFG listed in their profile, no matter when they worked for them. I’m increasingly dismayed at how impersonal external technical recruiters have become.

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