It was a week ago I was in some serious discomfort as I dealt with that nasty gastrointestinal issue. I’m still not 100% but I’m happy to report I had a normal bowel movement today (for those who are wondering and scoring at home).

As many of you know, I’ve been eating salad every single day for lunch for about three months now. I stopped that this week as I wanted to stick to foods that were completely cooked. So far this week I’ve had paninis, soups, and a bit of pasta, fairly safe stuff. Perhaps a bit more carb and calorie heavy than just salad but I did lose almost three pounds in about 24 hours last week. As such, I think there is a bit of leeway involved. Tomorrow the poutine food truck is scheduled to make its regular appearance at the studio. I resisted partaking for almost six months now but before I go back to my salad lunches next week, I think it’s ok if I get poutine for lunch one time.

They have a fried chicken poutine on the menu. That sounds pretty good.

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