It’s the Labour Day long weekend and I am super glad to have the Monday off. This does signal the unofficial start of the fall season though and I always find this time to be very unpleasant. First, the weather (as I have mentioned many times) turns to crap almost immediately. Second, although the days have been progressively getting shorter since late June, it becomes really noticeable in September when you get home and have perhaps an hour or so before the sun sets. Soon we’ll be upon that dastardly time of year where the sun sets and you’re still at work! Lastly, as people return to school and their regular work schedules, the traffic on the roads and the number of people using public transit becomes quite congested. The one bus I take to work becomes packed with students in the morning and will be until the school year ends in May or so.

Alas, I still have Monday to relax so there’s that.

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