Going back to work after a long weekend totally sucks for anyone, myself included but I did manage to find a minuscule silver lining in returning to the rat race. Over the last three days, I’ve consumed a lot of delicious but ultimately empty carbs and calories. I don’t regret it but the reality is I eat much healthier during the work week. It’s mainly because I’m stuck at work for most of the day and our cafeteria has been shut down since May for renovations. All the work was supposed to be done by the end of August but the latest update has the new cafeteria opening in November at the earliest. As such, there’s very little food being served in this little makeshift cafe they have set up. Since I’m also basically just eating salad for lunch every day I tend to quite healthy during the work week.

That’s not to say I wouldn’t welcome winning $20M in the lottery and then quitting my job. In that situation, I would find someway to eat healthy while not being at work. I think I could make that happen.

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