With the U.S. presidential election campaign in full swing, my thoughts logically turn to wagering and making a bet on the outcome of said election.

I did this for the last Canadian federal election. I bet $100 that Stephen Harper would remain Prime Minister. I did this, of course, as insurance against the most horrible of outcomes, another Conservative regime in Parliament. The thinking was, if it was all going to hell, at least I’d make some money off the result. Of course, that did not happen, I lost $100 and sanity was restored to government.

I’d like to apply the same reasoning to the U.S. election. A Donald Trump presidency would be a million times worse than having Stephen Harper as P.M. for the next few years. Without exaggeration, such a result might be the closest we’ve come to an extinction level crisis as a species.

In any case, Bodog already has the betting proposition up. The odds are heavily in Clinton’s favour. A bet of $100 for her will garner you just a profit of $22. A bet of $100 for Trump would gain you a whopping $325. Obviously Bodog doesn’t think Trump stands a chance. Unfortunately, Bodog is a betting firm and their expertise isn’t politics. In an election as crazy as this, I don’t think you can take anything for granted.

I’ll probably put down $100 for Trump as insurance for the worst of the worst outcomes. If I win, however, I wonder if I’ll even have enough time to enjoy my winnings before it all goes to hell.

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