Since about late June or early July I’ve been on a semi-serious diet, mostly surrounding what I eat at work. I wrote about some of the details here but essentially I have the same damn thing for lunch every single damn day. I have a salad with boiled chicken breast, walnut pieces, and dried cranberries. For the most part, it’s the only thing I eat at work all day, except for maybe a few cookies in the afternoon.

When I come home for dinner, I also try to eat healthy but I’m not fanatical about it. I tend to have a lot of sushi or something else that’s high in protein and low in carbs. On some days, I’ll also have a salad for dinner. Those days totally suck. I also try very hard to not snack in the evening. I’ll try to have fruit instead because fruit is delicious. On the weekends, I try to adhere to the same diet but if I have a cheeseburger for lunch, I don’t freak out.

Almost two months in, I can see some results of my diet. First, eating is pretty joyless now at work. I used look forward to lunch every day since I’d get something tasty. Tasty things are usually not good for you. Instead, I treat lunch now as some necessary exercise to ingest nutrition-rich materials that my body requires to function at a required capacity. If it sounds depressing, it is. My next point though is somewhat more uplifting. While eating salad for lunch does suck, the results are there. I’ve kept the weight off that I usually pile on when I’m working. In fact, I maybe thinner now than when I was on my extended vacation. I feel thin and my pants, jeans, and shorts all are very loose around my waist.

I also don’t feel tired at work anymore. I used to regularly feel that afternoon drain where I’d feel the need to nap as my energy waned. I don’t feel tired like that anymore. I power through the day with the same amount of energy from start to finish. I didn’t expect that to happen but I’m not complaining.

I’m determined to continue this for a few more months. Let’s see what else happens.

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