I’ve mentioned this several times but one of the benefits of my all-salad lunch diet at work is an increased amount of energy during the day. I guess the better way to describe it is the absence of that afternoon dip in energy where I used to feel tired and sleepy. I’m sleeping about the same amount as before the new diet, so I’m ruling out increased rest for this benefit. I’ve heard people say that eating well made them feel so much better and I didn’t really understand what they meant. I think I do now.

Anyways, today offered me an opportunity to conduct an experiment. For lunch, there was a team BBQ on the patio at work. I briefly considered not going and sticking to my salad but I decided to attend the BBQ. I wound up eating a cheeseburger with two slices of bacon and two hot dog wieners (without the buns ’cause carbs). I didn’t have any sugary drinks, instead I drank club soda.

The afternoon rolled around and I waited. Despite having quite a large coffee, I felt a huge dip in my energy. I felt tired and I wanted to nap. It really sucked. I don’t think I’ve felt that fatigued at work for about two months.

Obviously this isn’t a very valid scientific experiment. I have one sample size where not all the conditions are controlled. This does, however, reinforce my desire to continue to eat healthy at work. The benefits are worth it!

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