In a previous post, I wrote that was quite impressed with the London public transit system, in particular the London Underground. I became particularly fond of the announcements that you hear while using the Tube. Part of the appeal is that I think anything said in a British accent just sounds so much better. In particular, the woman who does the announcement for some of the Underground lines has such a fantastic way of articulating the words that it becomes a delight just to hear her speak. Her delivery and intonation is perfectly British but friendly at the same time. Emma Clarke is the woman who does the announcements and her voice is heard by thousands every single day. I also like how some announcements include which landmarks or attractions are at a particular stop. This is great for tourists and I think more cities should do that.

The above video shows the full end to end trip on the Circle Line. Sometimes when I need something to listen to as background noise at work, I’ll just play this video. Oh Victoria Station, that’s my stop folks!

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