The highlight of my weekend was buying a new band for my watch. This particular watch was one I bought in Hawaii in April. I liked the look of the watch but I knew the leather band was going to be a problem.

Leather watch straps for the most part aren’t resistant against moisture. Moisture from washing your hands, sweat, or anything in involving liquids can ruin a leather strap. Even if it dries out, the strap can retain the smell of whatever liquid got on it. The strap can also start to smell moldy after a while.

I knew I was going to replace the strap with a synthetic one eventually but I was waiting to see how long it would before it became a problem. Well, it became a problem about two weeks ago. I guess the summer weather made the strap start to stink. I’m not even sure why they make that type of strap that retains all that moisture.

Anyways, I went to the Swatch store and replaced it with a silicone one. It’s awesome. It’s light and thinner than the leather one. It will obviously be water-proof and much easier to clean.

Well, next weekend needs to be way more exciting.

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