For the last two weeks I’ve done my best to eat healthy every single day. For lunches at work, I have the same old boring salad with boiled chicken breast, walnut pieces, dried cranberries, and a strawberry vinaigrette dressing. I avoid snacking as much as possible, with maybe an odd small cookie or two during the day. In the evenings, I have a decent dinner, reasonably low in fat and carbs.

On Friday, I was starving after work and I decided I’d earned a little bit of delicious food so I went and got a chicken burger and some fries. In the grand scheme of things, not a terrible bad meal. It tasted so good, especially after my two weeks of healthy eating. About two hours after dinner though, I felt hungry again. I heated up a PopTart, thinking it would be enough to last me until next morning. An hour after I ate the PopTart, I was hungry again. This time, I decided to heat up a can of soup. I felt like there was a deep-rooted hunger in me that just wanted to keep eating.

I went to bed without eating anything more. On Saturday morning, I woke about 11am. I had a dentist appointment at 12:30pm, so I decided to have another PopTart for breakfast. I was thinking it would be enough until I could get some lunch after the visit to the dentist. I left the dentist office at about 1:30pm and I was almost shaking with hunger at that point. I was so hungry. I immediately went to the pizza place two doors down and got two slices of pizza and brought it back up to my place. I ate both slices in quick order but it felt like it barely dented my hunger. I was already thinking where I could get some more food. I somehow waited another hour before heading out to get some Thai chicken wings and some rice and gai lan. I came back home with the food, ate all the wings right away and ate about half the gai lan and rice. It was only then I felt somewhat satiated.

From about dinner time Friday to about dinner time on Saturday, I felt like eating and eating some more. I’m not sure if my body detecting some sorta deficiency in my diet. I like to think I’m not deficient in protein, vitamins, or any of the really important stuff. I’d like to think that I’ve cut back on my carbs, sugar, and fats. Of course, that’s all the good stuff and maybe that’s why my body is craving it.

I’m going back to my boring salads for lunch on Monday and more sensible dinners in the evening. I wonder if I’ll get these ravenous cravings again.

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