On Saturday, my parents wanted to take out the whole family for lunch. I decided to drive to my parents’ place before going to the restaurant together. Along the way to Mom and Dad’s I’m approaching an intersection when I see a huge black sheet of plastic blow into the lane next to me, several car lengths ahead. It might have been a very large garbage bag or it might have been some sorta protective sheet. Whatever it was, it was big and the wind had blown into the street.

A car was already in that lane and by my estimation it probably had a good five seconds or so to do something about being in the way of that bag. It was a wide road, so that car had a lane on either side to move into. It could have also slowed down to see if it would continue to blow out of the way. That car did none of those things. It kept on going straight, didn’t even see the brake lights flash once. The underside of the car caught the massive bag near the front right. It started to drag the bag along. I could see it flapping in the wind underneath the car.

You’d have to be a complete idiot not to notice a huge plastic sheet like that in your lane. You’d also have to notice that you ran over it. You’d also have notice that thing you ran over didn’t appear in your rear view mirror. Don’t we all do that? Whenever something odd appears on the road and I want to make damn sure it wasn’t caught underneath my car, I look for it in the rear view mirror as I pass over it.

Anyways, so the driver of that car just keeps on going. Now I’m seeing it’s really close to the front right, near the wheel and the axle of the car. If that huge sheet gets wrapped up in the axle as it turns, that can’t be good.

As traffic continues to move at speed, I’m keeping an eye on that car. The big bag is still caught underneath the car. Then the driver signals to get on the highway! So now he wants to drive even faster with that thing caught under their car. How do they not notice? It’s got to be making a horrendous noise under there.

The last I saw of the car was it merging onto the highway, that thing still flapping in the wind. Part of me thinks, it’s still probably there, with the car parked in that person’s garage.

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