It’s been four days since I arrived back from London and it’s been an interesting four days. Like I mentioned in my last post, I’m suffering from jet lag. I suppose it’s not unexpected but the effects are sure manifesting themselves in ways I hadn’t expected. To me, jet lag meant wanting to sleep during the wrong time, like the daytime, and being wide awake when I should be sleeping. For sure, those symptoms definitely plagued me the first two days or so but then I got back into a more regular sleeping schedule.

So while I’m sleeping at the right time now and also getting more sleep (closer to eight hours), I’m experiencing this odd dazed mental state in the late afternoon. Sometime after 3pm, I slip into this mental fog where I feel like I’m not really all there. I don’t feel physically tired and there’s no desire to take a nap. I just kinda feel mentally dull and far from being lucid. It’s not a great experience.

I’m guessing that while my body is rested, part of my brain thinks it’s time to be asleep still. If you examine when the mental fog sets in, it’s exactly when I’d be normally going to sleep when I was in London. It’s hard to believe it’s just coincidence. There might be another internal clock that is still adjusting to the time change. Well, whatever it is, I start to feel like an idiot
(or an even bigger idiot) around 3pm and it doesn’t go away until I wake up the next morning.

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