Some of my long-time readers will know that I’ve been battling out of control nose hairs now for more than half a decade. I even wrote a post about it way back in 2009. Feel free to brush up on my nose hair history.

For years, I’ve used a trusty pair of scissors to snip the hairs if they got too long and started poking out of my nostrils. There was a problem though. The scissors only got a few offending hairs. I’d also have to stick my fingers up my nostrils and then try to grab as many hairs as I could so that I could get the scissors blades around them. It was inconvenient and inefficient. Are you glad you’re reading this right now.

The scissors also weren’t able to eliminate the most annoying things about of out of control nose hairs. You see, these hairs don’t grow in your nostril in a completely straight line. They grow and then coil in your nostril. You may think that everything is fine up there but then an errant sneeze, nose blow, or just a minor vibration can suddenly lead to a coiled hair to be uncoiled. Now I’ve got this massively long and thick nose hair sticking out of my nostril. I’ve had this happen to me in public and at work a few times. I can feel this wayward nose hair just sticking out, like tickling the top of my upper lip. I know this is gross but stick with me. I then awkwardly try to inconspicuously shove that hair back up the nostril without looking like I’m mining for nose gold. It never works of course. Have you ever tried coiling a nose hair back up your nostril? It’s like almost impossible.

So a few weeks ago, I got tired of all this crap and finally bought a nose hair trimmer. It’s battery-powered, small, and portable. I was a bit nervous when I used it the first time but after a minute, I was shoving this thing as deep as it go up my nose. I know it’s actually good to have some nose hair to keep out foreign debris and stuff so I tried my best to trim and not to completely shave it all off.

I stuck my finger up my nostrils after my trim and my word, what a difference this little tool makes. What used to be a jungle up there now feels like a finely manicured lawn, good enough to putt on for the final hole of the Masters Tournament.

I yet to have a wayward hair come down south since using this thing. It’s a true life changer. I should have got this thing years ago!

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