I have returned safely from Los Angeles. After getting back late Thursday night, I had to go to work on Friday which was pretty crappy. Fortunately, it was an easy going day as people don’t expect me to be productive yet. I spent the weekend mostly relaxing and resting up after a long week.

Overall, I really enjoyed my week in Los Angeles and at my very first E3. I haven’t been in L.A. since the mid-1980s when my parents took my sister and I to Disneyland. It’s one of those crazy and unique world-class cities. It’s has a lot of great things about it but it’s far from perfect. The traffic in Los Angeles is famous for being terrible and I can say from first-hand experience it deserves every bit of that reputation. Seemingly close destinations on a map, separated by a reasonable distance can be in reality separated by a surprising amount of time stuck in traffic.

As for E3 itself, I’m so glad that I finally attended the gaming industry’s biggest showcase. I’d like to write a more in-depth post about it soon but I will say E3 is loud, busy, and is the ultimate show if you’re into video games. I was part of over 50K people who showed up in Los Angeles for E3 and at times, I felt like we were all in one room together. I saw a lot of fellow developers from Vancouver that I recognized and many other developers that are famous within the industry. I also brought back some nice swag from the show.

I’ll devote several posts about the trip in the coming days! Stay tuned!

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