It’s just after 5am and I’m feeling ok. I wouldn’t say I’m full of energy but I’m not ready to fall asleep either. The push to adjust my sleep schedule is going alright so far. I drank a can of Coke for lunch and then around 9pm this evening I had a grande coffee from Starbucks. It’s probably my natural tendency to stay up late plus the caffeine that’s keeping me awake. It’s light outside now and the sun is supposed to be up in about ten minutes. I might go outside and watch that but it’s kinda cloudy today.

In 45 minutes, A&W opens so I think I’ll go get their breakfast. I have a coupon so it’ll be cheap. For $5, I’ll get two eggs, three slices of bacon, two pieces of toast, and a small coffee. More coffee means more caffeine! I’ve also decided to exchange my currency for British pounds today. I’ll be using a real currency exchange for the first time. They offer much better rates than any of the stupid big banks. Interestingly, I’ll be converting a big wad of American greenbacks to quid. I have US dollars left over from my two previous trips, plus the exchange rate between US/GBP is much more favourable than CAD/GBP. All the currency exchanges open at 9am though, so even after I have breakfast I’ll have to sit around for almost two hours before I can head downtown.

It’s unlikely that I’ll be able to stay completely awake until 4pm, my target time, but I hopefully I’ll be close. Like I said before, if I can make it to noon today, that will be fine.

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