I’m going to London this Friday so I’ve decided to adjust my sleep schedule to fit London local time more. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be staying up way past my normal bedtime and seeing how far into the afternoon I can go before going to bed. The last time I wrote about this, I got some helpful comments from some of my readers. It seems the general consensus is to just deal with it when I get there. I’ll try to push the odds in my favour a bit by doing the adjusted sleep schedule as well.

Like I mentioned previously, the goal is to make it to 4pm and sleep until 12am. I think my body will be able to make it to around 7am or 8am and then it will get tough. If I can make it to noon, I feel like I’m close enough to London time that it won’t take much to make that final adjustment. The side benefit of doing these adjustments is that I’m planning on getting breakfast at various places that I usually don’t have the chance to. I’ll also get to see how shift workers sleep. This should be interesting.

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