Sometimes it doesn’t take much for me to view a day of as a rewarding one and today was one of those. I woke up at the embarrassing hour of 1pm but that’s ok because when I felt pretty refreshed when I did.

I had a ticket to see Captain America: Civil War for 3:30pm so it’s a good thing I didn’t sleep any later. After waking, I made some breakfast and did some futzing around on the Internet. It was getting close to 3pm so I decided to take a shower so I didn’t stink in the theatre. It was about 3:15pm and I was out of the shower and still had no clothes on when I realized I should probably get head down to the movies.

I will never tire of living directly over a movie theatre. Fifteen minutes before the trailers started, I was still getting out of the shower. Anyways, I will say that if you’re just a remotely small fan of superhero movies, you’ll enjoy the latest Captain America. It’s basically another Avengers movie but with Captain America being the central character.

After the movie ended, it was dinner time. I decided I was going to have either poutine or sushi for dinner, two different options from a health perspective. I went for poutine even though I probably shouldn’t have. It was really good though. The poutine did a number on me so I went down for a post-dinner nap.

It wasn’t a productive day but it was a simple one that I enjoyed quite a bit. Like I wrote, sometimes that’s all you need from a day.

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