I apologize for the lack of a post yesterday as my web host, GoDaddy, was down for several hours without any explanation. As a suggestion, think twice about using them, at least from a web hosting perspective.

Anyways, so this afternoon I had to call the Hilton hotels people. I needed some clarification about a reservation I had made for next month. I’m going to London, which I’ll write about later. They didn’t really solve my problem to my complete satisfaction but whatever. The woman I was speaking to wanted to know if I was willing to answer a short survey at the end of my call. She said that by participating in the survey I might be eligible for up to $200 of my next Hilton booking, discounts at Hilton resorts, and at a minimum 500 Hilton reward points. As I wasn’t in a hurry, I said yes to the survey.

I got switched to another woman who was going to conduct the survey. She double-checked some of my info and then told me that all my answers would be multiple choice ones, either A, B, or C. Then she started with the first question. She wanted to know what my total household income was and proceeded to give me three ranges of income, to go along with the A, B, and C multiple choice answers. The lowest range, the A answer went from $0 to a crazy high six-figure dollar amount. Obviously the ranges for B and C went even higher. I’ve seen a lot of surveys relating to household income but never where the first range was so high.

I obviously belonged to the A answer as I barely make over $0. There was a slight pause on the other end before the lady told me I wasn’t eligible to continue on with the survey. I had to stifle a laugh because I found the situation quite hilarious. I guess they were looking for high-rollers and millionaires for their data points and not some idiot like me. There was no $200 discount on my next hotel booking nor was there a mention of a resort discount. I did however, get my 500 Hilton reward points which qualifies me for absolutely nothing.

I can’t remember the last time I experienced something like this for being poor but it certainly was an eye-opener. The thing I don’t get is what about people who don’t make a lot of money in a calendar year but still are rich? Like what if I won the lottery two years ago? I technically wouldn’t have any income this year yet I’d have millions of dollars in the bank. I guess those people are out of luck too?

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