In the past, when it’s late at night and I’m hungry, I tend to look for something tasty to eat. Previous choices have included Pop-Tarts, chicken wings, Eggo waffles, instant noodles, and whatever might have been leftover from dinner.

Twice now, I’ve been hungry in the wee hours of the morning and for a snack I’ve made myself a helping of steamed vegetables. It’s probably one of the most unsatisfying things to eat late at night. Nothing like a bowl of lightly salted mixed vegetables which have been steamed for a few minutes to satisfy that hunger.

Steamed veggies have neither carbs nor fat in any appreciable amounts so it doesn’t stimulate any of the pleasurable feelings you might have with eating. It is, however, healthy for you and I grow older that is what increasingly counts more than taste. It’s unfortunate but a very hard reality I have to face.

A bowl of steamed veggies isn’t my only snack now but perhaps it’s time it should be.

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