The beauty of having time off is the ability to do anything at a moment’s notice. For the most part, I wake up whenever I want and then decide whatever I want to do that day, or not do if that’s what I decide. While I was working, one of the dream scenarios that I had for my time off was booking a random trip for the next day or even the same day. For example, I’d wake up, look online for flights and then find myself in say, Montana about 12 hours later. Such freedom is normally extremely difficult to come by. People are normally tied down by work, school, or family so for me to have this opportunity makes me feel very lucky.

While I’m not in Montana right now, I randomly booked a trip today. I woke up around 2pm and as I was preparing to get up, I felt it was going to be one of those “do nothing” days. Those are fine but sometimes you just wish everyday was super productive. After I got up, I went online and noticed some sales on WestJet. These were time-limited and travel could not start until April 1. I kinda ruled out trips to the rest of Canada because it’s still cold everywhere else in the country. Basically on an impulse, I decided to book a flight to Honolulu, Hawaii. It was just over $400 CAD return which is a fantastic deal.

I would have loved to leave this week but it’s still spring break for North America and like I mentioned before, the conditions of the sale forced all travel to have to start on or after April 1. Since I have the PvZ: GW2 wrap party on the 1st, I’ll be leaving on the 4th and coming back on the 9th. There’s probably zero chance any of my friends will be able to come with me but that’s ok. I’m looking forward to getting back to Hawaii and the sun. It’ll be my third time to Honolulu and this time I’ll try to do and see things that are new to me. I might bring my tennis racquet and get an early start to the season.

The seat sale doesn’t end for another day, so who knows where else I might wind up in April.

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