I’ve had this day penciled into my calendar for a few months now. At midnight tonight, season two of Daredevil premiered on Netflix. This is the first time I’ve caught a premiere of a Netflix show right on the first day, in the first hours to be exact. I also knew I had no job and no commitments so I could start watching as many episodes as I wanted.

The concept of binge-watching is a real thing and damn does it feel satisfying. It’s now almost 5:30am and I’ve watched four episodes. In between I took time to prepare snacks and I even did some exercise. I am now only just stopping because I need to sleep as I have to meet a friend for coffee in the afternoon. I’m not even that tired and if I didn’t need to meet my friend, I’m sure I could have gone on until the sun began to rise.

At this rate, I’ll be done season two probably by the end of the weekend. The thirteen episodes would have taken over three months to air on a normal network schedule. Is it better watching all of them in a short amount of time? It might mean I’m just waiting longer now for season three. All I can say is season two is so good so far.

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