Like many of you, I have a multitude of electronic devices that require a USB cable for connectivity and/or power. In the last few years I’ve need USB micro cables exclusively for my phones, tablet, portable chargers, and video game controllers. It’s amazing how many cables you need to keep everything connected and powered.

I don’t think I’ve had a cable last more than four months in the entire time I’ve been buying USB micros. Invariably, either the cable just stops working or I find a way to destroy them. In the first case, the cable just dies on me one day. It either no longer passes a charge through or it fails to connect the device to my computer. Maybe I tugged on it too hard one time or perhaps repeated wear and tear just causes it to fail. In the second case, I outright accidentally wind up destroying the cable. Several times a cable will be on the floor and I’ll roll my desk chair over small end causing the connector to bend. It can’t really be bent back because I’ve busted connection already. Sometimes the cable will be plugged into my device and somehow it falls or get tossed. This will bend the cable connector on the device end. There’s no coming back from that and I’m lucky it didn’t cause damage to the device itself.

I bought a new USB micro cable on Friday and I managed to break it by Sunday. I’m not even sure how it happened. It wasn’t even plugged into anything as I recall. I was in bed and had been reading on my tablet when I fell asleep. Sometime in the morning, I remember pushing my tablet off my bed and it landed in a garbage can. The tablet itself wasn’t damaged but when I woke up, I took it out of the garbage can and noticed my new USB cable on the floor had a bent connector. The cable was next to the garbage can. How did the connector get bent? I’m still not sure but it was ready to go in the trash as it did not work anymore.

I don’t pay anymore than $2-$3 for these cables so it’s not a big loss and having to buy one so often makes me wonder how many cables I’ve gone through so far.

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