Tomorrow is the last day of my contract! Like any last day of work, it’s going to be a bit of a write-off though I actually have a bug I’m still working on. It’s a fairly serious one too so I would like to, at the very least, discover the cause of it. That way, if I have to hand off the work to someone, I can explain what’s wrong.

Over the last few days I’ve been bringing home the stuff I have at work. There wasn’t a whole lot there really. I had a hoodie, some desk toys, a Tupperware container, some cold medicine (I got sick twice around Christmas), a box of orange pekoe tea, a novelty ball cap, and some candy. I have a pair of powder blue slippers that I wear while I’m at the studio but I’m going to throw those into the garbage at the end of the day. While comfy, they’ve served their purpose and I’d rather not have to bring them home.

I will be an upstanding citizen and attempt to clean my desk before I vacate the premises. I sit in a pretty good spot, so I know people will be hankering to take my desk. I don’t want them to move all their crap over to find out I left it a mess. For example, I just made a new stain on my desk when some of the sauce from today’s pork roast lunch took an unexpected excursion.

Anyways, I’m a free man after tomorrow! I can’t wait!

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