The community of ” target=”_blank”>Chilliwack is located about 100 km east of Vancouver. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Chilliwack but I may have driven through it when I was a child (I wasn’t doing the driving though). I’ve never received a good impression of the place. Someone once told me that it was the heroin capital of British Columbia.

The above video is from several security cameras located on a residential property located in Chilliwack. I’m hesitant to judge an entire community based on some security footage but there are some crazy things that happen in that footage. The sheer number of traffic violations that occur on that corner is amazing. I’m not talking about minor things either. Like who reverses through an intersection? The most disturbing thing though is the large number of sketchy people who just walk up to the property, looking to steal whatever isn’t bolted down. There the classic “sketchy guy on a bike”, who returns numerous times to scout out the home. Also, what’s with the people who casually walk up to the car and test the door handle to see if it’s unlocked? They’re probably wanting to steal stuff from inside the car, rather than the car itself I think.

I also get the impression that the homeowner is question isn’t a saint himself. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was involved the sale of illegal pharmaceuticals. Is that why he needs the cameras and might be inviting all these people of ill repute? Perhaps. If you keep watching the video, there is some levity provided by a family of raccoons.

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