Today’s jaunt out to the airport to meet my friend was a success. Not only did I save $2.50 in extra transit fare, taking the bus probably got me to the airport just as quickly, if not slightly faster than taking trains all the way. Unfortunately, I may have stayed up too late the night before and did not get enough sleep. I fell asleep on the bus on the way home, which allowed me to be alert enough to run some errands in the afternoon. By 9pm though, I was feeling very tired. I probably should have forced myself to stay awake but I love making the wrong decisions and took a nap instead.

My intention was to nap half an hour or so and I probably should have set an alarm but I did not. The next thing I know, it was midnight. I’m wide awake and very refreshed now. I’ll probably take a sleeping pill so that I can get some rest before the sun comes up.

2 thoughts on “THE THREE HOUR NAP”

  1. He did! His charming demeanor could have sustained me all day but he allowed me the honour of having breakfast for lunch!

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