I really need a new pair of shoes. I discovered in the fall that my favourite pair of skateboarding shoes had several holes in each shoe. Then I found out that my comfy pair of slip-on loafers also had holes. I was left with my canvas Converse Chuck Taylor’s and a pair of hiking shoes. For a while there, the hiking shoes were the only shoes I could wear outside if I didn’t want to get my feet wet.

I eventually bought a new pair of loafers but as for somewhat water-resistant casual shoes, I had none. I tried getting a new pair of skateboarding shoes but either the fit wasn’t right or I didn’t like how they looked. I tried for weeks but I just gave up.

Now in the new year, I’ve decided to try again. Looking for new shoes online is easy but it can never replace trying on a shoe. I’ve seen dozens of shoes online but how can you buy a pair with any certainty that they’ll fit the way you want them?

I’ve bought a lot of things online but shoes remain in the unbought territory.

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