I had a dental filling re-done on Saturday. I’d been told since the early fall that one of my fillings had cracked and needed to be replaced. Since it wasn’t bothering me and I was really busy, I left it until now. The original filling was a shiny metal one and I probably got it when I was a kid. It’s been decades now and I suppose it’s a testament to dentistry and my old dentist that the little bit of metal in mouth has stayed there that long, mashing all the terrible food that I’ve eaten.

I can’t remember the last time I had a filling though. I’d say it would have been many years since the last one. It’s not because all my teeth have already been filled either. I try very hard to maintain proper dental hygiene. I have two checkups a year at the very least. I also brush twice a day and floss at night. The flossing part is something I picked up about five years ago. I never flossed as a kid nor when I was a much younger man. It was just something I never wanted to do. I can’t imagine not flossing now, especially when I see the chunks of crap that sometimes the floss extricates from my teeth. Yikes!

Anyways, getting the filling done was relatively painless. The needle didn’t bother me, nor did the drill. Keep in mind, it wasn’t like a day at Disneyland either. I’ve also had two gum flap surgeries done since the filling previous to this one. Do yourself a favour and don’t look for videos on YouTube about that procedure. So yeah, a filling isn’t bad at all.

They went with a composite filling this time, meaning no metal and the colour matches the rest of the tooth. It’s still weird seeing a normal looking tooth now instead of that shiny metal patch.

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