Tomorrow is Remembrance Day, a statutory holiday in this province. While normally I would have the day off, management at work has requested it be a normal working day with the stipulation that we would get another day off in lieu of. It was also stated that if people wanted to participate in Remembrance Day ceremonies, they could.

While there is no doubt I was looking forward to having the day off, I understand the project is at a critical stage so I get why we need to come in. On the other hand, since I’m on a fixed contract, I made sure to ask my boss that I’d be getting that day off well before the end of my contract. There’s no use in promising me the day off next summer if I won’t even be around for that. My boss is a cool dude though and he understood I wouldn’t be working for free. I’ll probably take the day off in December.

Anyways, working on a stat holiday is interesting because no other teams will be at the studio, including food services. As such, management is getting a catered lunch for us, which is nice of them to do. At least we will be well fed.

So enjoy your day off tomorrow people!

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