It’s currently raining in Vancouver, which probably doesn’t sound too out of the ordinary but I’m probably understating it a bit. The rains were torrential and heavy for most of the evening. I looked outside in the late afternoon and the deluge was impressive.

I actually was planning on leaving work at 6pm but my usual ride home said he’d probably have to stay until at least 8pm. So I had to make a decision, leave at 6pm and get drenched on my way to the bus stop or stay later and stay dry. Staying later also meant I’d get dinner too. I took the lazy option and stayed later. A warm meal and dry clothes won out in the end.

On our way home the rain was a steady deluge and some streets were like small streams. A huge flooded portion of the road awaited us at the bottom of the hill. We inadvertently splashed some city workers trying to unblock the drains. What a miserable night to have to work outside. Thanks to my friend, I got home relatively dry and warm.

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